LEGO City Update #25 – Finishing Details

LEGO City Update #25 – Finishing Details. In this video I’m finishing up some details on my LEGO city. I’ve been working on four LEGO buildings for a while and today I’ll finish the exterior. I’ll also talk about the future plans for the raised section of my LEGO city.

Thank you for watching!


3 thoughts on “LEGO City Update #25 – Finishing Details

  1. Hey Jakob – I really enjoyed the update! What are you actually using that socket for? Could you run an extension cable instead of using the socket at all? Some great work today. I like the sign turned around – that does work very well. Take care my friend!

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    1. Thanks a lot RT! The socket is used for lights for my videos 😀 It’s going to be a little difficult if I can’t use it. Besides, the upper switch is the only one there is for the general light in the room. So, covering it completely, is not an option. I’d like that though. A more suitable solution is going to be a building that doesn’t hit the socket. We’ll see how it goes 🙂

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  2. Hey Jakob, may I ask where you bought the boxes you keep your parts in – I’m specifically referring to the transparent ones we see in this video. Thank you.


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