Project Update: Interiors!

I’ve been working on the residential masonry building over the weekend. I’ve finalized the interiors of the four apartments and I’ve completed the first floor exterior as well. It now sits in it’s unfinished state in the city. I’ve realized that I will probably run out of light grey 1×1 SNOT (Studs Not On Top) bricks before I get the second floor done. I’m now contemplating building the roof and add in the second floor later on.


Project update: Masonry House for Bakersville

I’m currently working on a dark red masonry house for Bakersville. You may have seen the two big cups of masonry bricks that I’m using for this, in my latest video on Youtube! I was lucky to get them and am now really exited to get to use them (all?). It’s meant to be an apartment building inspired by early 1900s buildings that are seen often in Danish cities. However, I will take some liberties in upper floors regarding windows – you’ll see what I mean in the future. I’m planning three floors in all with room to add more if needed. It’s a building I intend to furnish completely so all my sigfigs can have a home to live in.

Let me know what you think in the comments!