1,000 subscribers – thank you!

1,000 subscribers – thank you! Thank you so much! On July 12th 2019 Brick Bakery reached a very important milestone and I made this special video to say thank you to you all! I’m very touched that so many people like what I am doing and I’m very thankful to everyone who has watched, commented, liked, shared and subscribed my videos! Thank you all so much – you are awesome 🙂

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Launching the BrickTubers Network

Today I have a big announcement: The BrickTubers Network is launching! Yes, you heard that right – the BrickTubers Network. It’s an informal network made up by seven LEGO oriented youtube channels. The network is global and has members from North America, Europe, United Kingdom and Asia Pacific. Members’ channels cover a wide variety of genres and type of videos. Explore LEGO​ city updates, reviews, tutorials, MOCs (my own creations), discussions and speed builds.

GJBricks livestream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jcWH…

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One year on youtube and +750 subscribers [Channel update]

It’s been one year on Youtube for the Brick Bakery. In this channel update I give you a brief overview of how the channel did in celebration of its one year anniversary. I’d like to thank you for supporting me and my channel and for helping me get this far. After one year on Youtube, I’m ready to star make some changes to my equipment and my processes. It’s going to be interesting. So join me LEGO fans, as I give you a quit overview of the channel in this channel update.

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Happy LEGO New Year from Brick Bakery

Happy New Year to ll brick-fans out there! Thank you for a wonderful 2018 – you’ve all been awesome! In today’s video we take a look at the state of the channel and I maybe I present a new idea for 2019 – who knows!? Be sure to watch this video to get an update on the Brick Bakery – your channel for LEGO brick goodness!

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Brick Bakery 100 Subscriber Thank you

On June 19 2018 Brick Bakery reached 100 subscribers. That is much more than I would have hoped for! I’m very very thankful to all of you and appreciate your support and interest – thank you so much. When I started this channel it was mostly because I enjoy LEGO and wanted to get back to doing filming and editing. It’s something I’ve done in the past and missed from time to time, so when I found a big box of my old LEGO i thought: why not make a youtube channel about it!? Thank you all for your wonderful support!

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