LEGO MOC: juice bar

LEGO MOC: juice bar – is a custom LEGO creation that I’ve made for my lego city. It’s a juice bar with a full custom LEGO interior and a unique custom LEGO exterior. I’m pretty pleased with the look of this one and I liked using some of the citrusy colors! in this video I give a full overview of my own Lego creation!

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What to do while you wait for Christmas!

Tonight is Christmas eve! In Denmark we are lucky enough to have the festivities in the evening of the 24th. And the presents are shared in the evening of the 24th as well. In many other countries they get their presents on the 25th in the morning. No matter when you get your presents it always feels like it’s an eternity before Christmas eve is finally here. So, if you got some time to pass, you can go through all the Brick Bakery Christmas MOCs! It’s a great way to get in the Christmas spirit 🙂

Overanalyzing 5918 Scorpion Tracker

Ah yes, peaceful desert exploration! WRONG!!!! There’s absolutely nothing peaceful about this set! The 5918 Scorpion Tracker is undeniable proof that mole-people are secretly ruling the world – THE WHOLE WORLD!

Let’s take the obvious first. There’s not one but TWO tools for digging in this set. A shovel AND a pickaxe. First of all, who needs two tools for digging? That seems excessive. Unless…. unless you are trying to take over the world by undermining EVERYTHING – LITERALLY! And B! Who digs? Who’s life can be equated to digging? Who could not move without digging? MOLE PEOPLE – BOOOOOOOM! That’s the first clue that Mole People are controlling the world.

There’s more! Look at the wheels of the scorpion tracker. What do they remind you of? A pizza? Sure! Well spotted! And what do you do when you’ve eaten a pizza? You go to the toilet and p**p. And what is one of the most famous childrens books out there? The Story of The Little Mole Who Knew it Was None of His Business – a story that is FAMOUSLY about p**p! BOOOOOOOM!

But wait, there’s more! The scorpions in this set is undoubtedly dangerous. Some would even call them tiny monsters. And what is the BIGGEST monster? Godzilla! Where do we know Godzilla from? The movies! The first Godzilla movie produced in the US was Godzilla from 1998 with Matthew Broderick (aka Ferris Bueller!). Who played the news reporter in that movie? Harry Shearar! Harry voices several characters on The Simpsons. Who is a VERY IMPORTANT character in the Simpsons series? Hans Moleman! MOLEman! BOOOOOOOOM!

There you have it, the final evidence that super-intelligent mole people are secretly controlling the world!

Or, am I overanalyzing?

LEGO MOC: The Night Before Christmas [Christmas LEGO]

The night before Christmas LEGO MOC is a small habitat-styles custom LEGO build that is a part of a BrickTubers Network Collaboration. It’s a small LEGO minifigure habitat that depicts part of the classic Christmas Poem: The Night Before Christmas. I’ve really enjoyed building the Christmas tree and the fireplace was fun to do too. I hope you’ll enjoy this little LEGO Christmas build!

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Top 5 wishes for a new LEGO Movie!

Variety reported that Universal Pictures are in talks with The LEGO Group about making more movies based on our favorite brick-based toy. Apparently, Universal will aim more broadly with their potential LEGO movie projects, but what would an AFOL like to see from a coming LEGO movie styled movie?

5. New Characters

Yeah, I know it’s a little sacrilege to say this, but I’d love some new central characters. Don’t get me wrong; I loooooooove Chris Pratt as Emmet and Lucy, MetalBeard, Batman and all the others a fun and have a great cast. It would be fun to see some new characters in the lead though and maybe have Emmet and the gang play a supporting role. Putting another minifigure in the lead would also take the movie in a different thematic direction which may be great too! And can we please have comedian extraordinaire Eddie Izzard; do a voice too – that’d be great! Thanks 😀

4. Alternative theme

Both the LEGO Movies has – at is core – been about the power of creativity and imagination. It’s a great theme and I love how both movies have challenged general conceptions on how to put the bricks together. Meanwhile, I’d love to see a story that had another central theme. Maybe something that speaks more to other core values of the LEGO brand? Learning!? I don’t know! The thing is, building (ha) another movie around the same central theme may get a little repetitive.

3. A LEGO Space movie

We only got small hints of LEGO space in the first two LEGO Movies. But, LEGO has a long tradition of creating colorful and creative LEGO Space Themes. Classics like M-Tron, Blacktron and Futuron are wonderful and a movie including those theme would be very cool. Clearly, it would cater mostly to AFOLs but LEGO is all about AFOLs these days, so it might fit neatly.

2. Step outside the known themes and brands

The LEGO Movie 1 and 2 was very reliant on existing LEGO themes and brands – Batman, City, Pirates, Friends etc. Benny the Spaceguy was also there to accommodate any nostalgic AFOLs. It was great! It would be very interesting to see the next LEGO movie step outside the known themes and brands and create something completely unique. It is not very likely though as much of LEGOs popularity also stems from brand-recognition based on other brands – Star Wars, Jurassic Park etc. But, a movie set in a completely new LEGO world would be really awesome!

1. More Realistic Creativity

While I’d like to see a story that wasn’t about creativity, it doesn’t mean I didn’t like the creativity of the two previous movies. I loved how everything was built from LEGO, how everything had a small easter egg and all that. It sparked my imagination every time a new scene started. And it was all something you could actually build. Everything on screen could be made with LEGO bricks and that type of realism is just awesome! So, I’d love to see even more creative use of the bricks to create a fun, “realistic” and buildable world! When I’m done watching the next LEGO movie, I want to be able to go home a build my favorite scene straight away.

According to Variety, Universal will aim to reimagine some of their own franchises (i.e. Jurassic World etc.) before anything else. And, Warner Brothers probably have some intellectual rights to the LEGO movie styles movies. So, the question is, if we’ll see another LEGO movie styles LEGO movie for a while!? But, meanwhile, we can all dream!

What is your main wishes for a new LEGO Movie? Let me know in the comments 🙂

All pictures brought with permission from Brothers Brick.

Top 3 most wanted LEGO Hidden Side sets of 2020

From the shadowy mist crawls the new wave of LEGOs spooky ghost hunter theme and it’s up to all AFOLs to figure out what scares them the most – planes, cars or roller coasters?

I’ve liked the idea of the LEGO Hidden Side theme ever since I saw it the first time. I’ve always been a big fan of Ghostbusters and the like. Even though I don’t find the new wave as appealing as the mast one, I had to make a top three of the sets I want most from the new 2020 wave!

3: 70430 Newbury Underground Station

Third place was really hard. An honorable mention is definitely 70432 Ghost Fair which looks interesting too. I think the underground station set has an interesting color scheme and the minifigs looks super cool. It’s probably the first time I’ve seen red and yellow ghosts in any LEGO set. The subject matter – the underground station – is ghostly indeed and I find something inherently haunting in old trees! As shall be seen in the next entry, I really like things that take place underground which is why this set is in third place!

2: 70427 Portal

This set has a great color scheme and I really like the fact that there’s a haunted worker too. Even though it’s called “Portal” it looks to me like it’s set in a sewer. And who doesn’t remember the classic scene from Ghostbusters 2 in the sewers of New York? All the slime pieces look great too! I’ve been interested in exploring the underground parts of a LEGO city for a while and this set could put me on the right track!

1: 70431 Lighthouse of Darkness

Of course I had to put the lighthouse on first place. As a location, the lighthouse seems naturally haunting. There’s some great iconography connected to lighthouses and I can only applaud that LEGO has carried much of that in this. I’m reminded of movies like “The Mist” which can never be bad for a spooky LEGO set!

I find the new 2020 wave to be a little less appealing that the first wave. Mainly because sets like 70428 and 70429 seem overly bright and colorful. The strength of the first wave was definitely the subdued colors which really underlined the spooky atmosphere. But, all in all, the three sets above I will definitely consider buying once sale-season comes around next year.

What’s your top three of the new Hidden Side sets? Let me know in the comments!

All pictures brought with permission from Brothers Brick.

Why is LEGO changing Bricklink?

Before the weekend a post on reddit revealed that certain limitations are being enacted on intellectual property-related creations and customized LEGO pieces on Bricklink. This happens in spite of CMO Julia Goldin’s assurances that the LEGO group would not change Bricklink after the acquisition. However, she also stated that none-LEGO branded products would not be allowed to continue on the platform. Why is that?

This AFOL believes that the answer is straight-forward: brand control. Limiting the sale of custom pieces is probably an attempt to avoid confusion of what is and what is not official LEGO bricks. If custom pieces are sold on a LEGO-branded platform, the LEGO group (TLG) is likely to be held accountable for any issues with custom pieces by private customers. Moreover, private customers may begin to wonder why certain custom pieces aren’t available directly from the TLG. This kind of confusion is unwanted for any company trying to retain a level of brand control.

But why limit the sharing of intellectual property inspired custom creations (like Avengers, Back to the Future etc. creations)? My guess is that this is a question of copyright. TLG has different deals with IP-owners – Disney being one. TLG does not want to break those deals by hosting material that might be copyright-infringing on their platform. Moreover, TLG has official LEGO sets in the Harry Potter, Spider-Man etc. themes. Custom creations within these themes may be confused with official LEGO sets. This is both an issue for TLG in relation to their quality guarantee, ease-of-build policy and as potential competition to their own products.

Users of Bricklink is likely to experience some hassle if they have previously relied on custom pieces and creations. However, to TLG brand-control is likely more important. In any case custom LEGO pieces and creations are probably available on other platforms and those who are interested can go there.

From a brand-management perspective these changes makes a lot of sense to this AFOL

LEGO MOC – Santa’s Workshop [Christmas LEGO]

Santa’s Workshop made in LEGO! This is my newest Christmas LEGO MOC and it’s all about Santa’s present-making workshop in Greenland. In this video I give an overview of this Christmas LEGO MOC and show you how details can bring your custom LEGO creations to life. I also talk about some of the LEGO building techniques I’ve used to make this. So, if you like Christmas and LEGO – this video is for you!

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