LEGO City Update #30 – Pedestrian Area

LEGO City Update #30 – Pedestrian Area. In this video I continue work on my LEGO city. There is an area in front of the camera store and the music store that needs some updating. Hence, I’ll show you how I make a pedestrian area in my LEGO city. It’s all custom LEGO and it’s all done on camera for your viewing pleasure 🙂


LEGO Paradisa Beach Display MOC Interview w. Cathrine Rankine at SFW 2019 (LEGO creator interview)

LEGO Paradisa Beach MOC Interview from Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2019 – a LEGO fan event. Today, I interview the talented Cathrine Rankine who made a wonderful LEGO Paradisa MOC. She gives us the full insight to her wonderful display and talks about the building process and some of the difficulties.

Thank you for watching!

LEGO City update #29 – CafĂ©

LEGO City update #29 – CafĂ©. In this video I show you how I build a custom LEGO CafĂ© in my LEGO City – Bakersville. I’ve got some great ideas to make this custom LEGO building very unique and I’m really looking forward to show you what I’ve come up with. Detailing the exterior of a LEGO buildings is always interesting and in this video, I try some different solutions.

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