LEGO Ninjago Building [MOC] – part 2

LEGO Ninjago Building MOC. In this video I present the progress on my most recent MOC Building for my LEGO City: New Bakersville. It’s a Ninjago inspired building which incorporates all kinds of interesting techniques and details. Maybe you can get some inspiration for your own LEGO city!


LEGO City Update #43 – Comedy Club & Pizza Shop

LEGO City Update #43 – Comedy Club & Pizza Shop. In this video I show you how I build a comedy club and a pizza shop in my LEGO city. The LEGO Ninjago City District has been underway for quite a while now, and I think it’s really getting somewhere. The first floor is fast becoming the highest point in my LEGO city. I hope I can inspire you to make your own custom LEGO city and maybe give you some specific ideas too. This video is made for an adult audience.

LEGO City Update #42 – Pillars

LEGO City Update #42 – Pillars. This LEGO video shows you how I build another part of my LEGO Ninjago City District. It’s time to put in the first floor of the LEGO Ninjago City, and I’m taking a deep look at pillars for my LEGO city. Watch this video if you want to follow my Custom LEGO City adventures and get some tips and tricks to building your own LEGO city!

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LEGO City Update #41 – Ninjago Streetfood

LEGO City Update #41 – Ninjago Streetfood. In this video I show you how I am expanding my LEGO Ninjago City District in my LEGO City – Bakersville. My LEGO city is slowly growing and I’m happy to show you how to build a LEGO city. In this LEGO city update, I am going to be making more buildings for the lower part of my LEGO City Ninjago District. It’s a great addition to my LEGO city layout and I can’t wait to build more!

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LEGO City Update #40 – Ninjago Roofs

LEGO City Update #40 – Ninjago Roofs. In this LEGO City Update, I show you how I continue work on the LEGO Ninjago City District in Bakersville – My LEGO City. There’s a lot of great possibilities for differentiation in the LEGO Ninjago style and I can’t wait to continue work on this part of the LEGO City. If you want some tips on how to build a LEGO city or maybe have some tips for me, this video is made for you!

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Let’s MOC no. 10: LEGO Potion Shop – Ninjago Style

The LEGO Potion Shop – Ninjago Style is the newest MOC for my LEGO city Bakersville. It’s a three floor custom LEGO building made mostly from second hand bricks. The LEGO Ninjago style is great for details and I really enjoyed working with this LEGO MOC. In this video I give you an overview of my own LEGO Potion Shop and take a look at some of the details! Sit back and enjoy my own creation made from our favorite brick based toy – LEGO!

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