Mailtime no. 17 – Important Announcements and sigfigs!

Today I have some important announcements regarding my video schedule and I’ve gotten some cool letters from some even cooler LEGO youtubers. In this video I talk about how my schedule will look in the future and I open two letters from Adorabuilds and Itsabrickthing! I hope you’ll enjoy this video 🙂

Itsabrickthing Alan on Twitter:

Adorabuilds on Youtube:…

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Mailtime no. 16 – Christmas Catchup

In this mailtime video I show you and talk about all the mail I got over Christmas. I’m very lucky to have great friends in the LEGO community who have sent me mail. I really appreciate all the warm thoughts. This is just another underlining of how great the LEGO community is.

Thank you!


Robin Hull:…

Zally Award Productions:

Mini Brick World:…

Brick Trolls:…

Captain Mutant:…

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Mailtime no. 13 – Ingrid Wins

I’ve received some mail from a wonderful subscriber – Ingrid Winn! She has been kind enough to send me a big package with all kinds of fun stuff! It’s full of surprises and maybe even some LEGO!? Who knows 😀 In this video I open the big package and try to figure out what’s inside. Hope you’ll join me in this LEGO mail-time video!

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Mailtime no. 12 – This fig has gone Rogue!

Mailtime no. 12 is where I get another fig from a great youtober and a wonderful magazine from the Danish LEGO User Group – Byggepladen. It’s always nice to get mail from other LEGO youtubers and it’s so cozy to get more sigfigs for my collection. I really like the sense of life it adds to my LEGO city. Please join me as we open some mail in this Mailtime video!

Rogue Transformations channel:…

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O Mailtime no. 11 – Housekeeping and fig!

I’ve gotten a nice letter from another LEGO youtuber! It’s always wonderful to receive letters and just as wonderful to read them and find out what’s inside! I’ve also got some housekeeping to do and a LEGO set to show you. Join me as we go through a great pile of LEGO stuff!

The Woodshopteacher has a great youtube channel which you can find here:…

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Mailtime no. 10 – Long Story

Getting mail from other LEGO youtubers can be quite a challenge sometimes. In todays video I tell you the story of why it took several months to exchange sigfigs with another LEGO youtuber. It’s always cool to get LEGO mail and it is always exciting to see what people have sent me. So come along while I unpack a package I got from a fellow LEGO youtuber!

Lil Mac Bricks channel:…

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Mailtime no. 9 – Sigfig, Camera, Chef!

In Mailtime no. 9 I show you folks a bunch of mail that I got. In this mail video I show you a couple of LEGO letters and a package I bought online! It’s a veritable letter bonanza! Getting mail from subscribers and LEGO youtubers is always a lot of fun and I really like opening their letters and sharing it with you folks! So join me as I unpack fan mail and subscriber mail containing our favorite brick based toy – LEGO.

Zabadak channel:…

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Mailtime no. 8 – LEGO youtubers are wonderful

Today I get more mail from other LEGO youtubers. Most of it was very unexpected and I’m very grateful to know such wonderful LEGO youtubers! I realy like getting letters from other LEGO youtubers and mail from subscribers! In this video i open three letters from three LEGO youtubers that have been wonderful supports for my channel for a very long time. So join me as I unwrap three delightful presents made from my favorite brick based toy – LEGO!

Check out their channels here:


Robin Hull:…


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