Lego City Update #24 – Radio Station

LEGO City Update #24 – Radio Station. I’m adding a LEGO Radio Station to my LEGO city Bakersville. I’ve chosen to go for a building that’s inspired by Art Deco which I find very interesting to recreate in LEGO. I’ve never really attempted to recreate specific architectural styles in LEGO. This will be interesting I hope. I show you how I build a Radio Station from LEGO. This video is made for an adult audience.

Thank you for watching!


2 thoughts on “Lego City Update #24 – Radio Station

  1. Hey Jakob

    Firstly. I’m so pleased to see that you’ve turned comments back on. Personally, I don’t think there’s a need for a disclaimer beforehand. But, that’s a personal preference.

    Art Deco is one of my favourite styles. It’s so of it’s time yet so timeless. The main entrance is really very nice. This style of door/window design is by a company called Crittall and you can see them in tons of period buildings. The company is still in existence too!

    Your building reminds me very much of one of the Bakelite radios of the 1920’s and 30’s. Such an iconic shape. I really like the addition of the canopy to the entrance. The Derry and Toms department building and it’s neighbour, The Barkers building on Kensington High Street both make extensive use of these. They really work well.

    Not too far from where we live is a row of Art Deco houses. These too have similar canopies and are of the same colour to your building. The accent colour they use is a jade green. Like the red you’ve used, it really pops!

    One thing the they have is a sun room on the roof. Maybe a future addition?

    I remember travelling through California and picking up the various radio stations. They all started with “K”. And there were a lot of them!

    The sign is a good start. Very reminiscent of the sign on the front of Radio City in New York. I think the name is cool, but maybe something more Americana, like K-B-R-S… but, I know nothing 😂

    Great job. I’m really loving what you’ve achieved so far. This is my favourite of your recent builds.

    – I don’t think I commented on your pub. In the Borough Market, London, there’s a tiny pub called The Rake, it’s about the same size and surprisingly works really well considering how small it is. Their speciality is beers from overseas. There’s some wonderful brews on sale, not that I drink alcohol anymore, but from memory, they were great!

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