Top 5 most viewed LEGO videos of 2019

When the end of the year comes around, it’s always interesting to see what was the most popular in the last 365 days. If you want to see what is the best of the best – as decided by views – I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 most watched LEGO videos on the Brick Bakery youtube channel! Enjoy!

5. LEGO City Update #4 – MOCs Galore!

At 922 views over the last 365 days we find the fourth update from Bakersville. Naturally, city updates are always popular and I would expect those to be very popular… but I hadn’t expected what follows!

4. LEGO city update #5 – Progress!

The fifth city update clocks in at 960 views. I’m amazed that these City Updates has generally done so well. I wonder if there’ll be any more City Updates on this list!

3. LEGO Twin Towers by Rob Gubbe – Interview

At 1,018 views, this is the first video to reach more than a thousand views within a month on Brick Bakery. It was released on November 28th 2019 and I’m using the stats of December 23rd 2019 to make this list. The creator did really well on his build and I’m lucky to have been there to document it!

2. LEGO City update #6 – Raise it up!

At second place and 1,235 views we find yet another city update! Yet again I’m amazed how well these do! This is the latest update from Bakersville and if you want more, you can look forward to January 2020 where I’ll be releasing another city update – stay tuned!

1. Coraline LEGO – Pink Palace Apartments – Creator Interview

On first place we find the video that has done the best since it was released in January 2019. At an impressive 1,345 views in just under 12 months, I’m really impressed. Holly did great on her Pink Palace Apartments and it’s a wonderful interview in my opinion!

That finishes this look at the top five most viewed videos on Brick Bakery in 2019. Data for this was taken from the YouTube analytics function on December 25th and view totals are from December 23rd.


Top 3 most wanted LEGO Hidden Side sets of 2020

From the shadowy mist crawls the new wave of LEGOs spooky ghost hunter theme and it’s up to all AFOLs to figure out what scares them the most – planes, cars or roller coasters?

I’ve liked the idea of the LEGO Hidden Side theme ever since I saw it the first time. I’ve always been a big fan of Ghostbusters and the like. Even though I don’t find the new wave as appealing as the mast one, I had to make a top three of the sets I want most from the new 2020 wave!

3: 70430 Newbury Underground Station

Third place was really hard. An honorable mention is definitely 70432 Ghost Fair which looks interesting too. I think the underground station set has an interesting color scheme and the minifigs looks super cool. It’s probably the first time I’ve seen red and yellow ghosts in any LEGO set. The subject matter – the underground station – is ghostly indeed and I find something inherently haunting in old trees! As shall be seen in the next entry, I really like things that take place underground which is why this set is in third place!

2: 70427 Portal

This set has a great color scheme and I really like the fact that there’s a haunted worker too. Even though it’s called “Portal” it looks to me like it’s set in a sewer. And who doesn’t remember the classic scene from Ghostbusters 2 in the sewers of New York? All the slime pieces look great too! I’ve been interested in exploring the underground parts of a LEGO city for a while and this set could put me on the right track!

1: 70431 Lighthouse of Darkness

Of course I had to put the lighthouse on first place. As a location, the lighthouse seems naturally haunting. There’s some great iconography connected to lighthouses and I can only applaud that LEGO has carried much of that in this. I’m reminded of movies like “The Mist” which can never be bad for a spooky LEGO set!

I find the new 2020 wave to be a little less appealing that the first wave. Mainly because sets like 70428 and 70429 seem overly bright and colorful. The strength of the first wave was definitely the subdued colors which really underlined the spooky atmosphere. But, all in all, the three sets above I will definitely consider buying once sale-season comes around next year.

What’s your top three of the new Hidden Side sets? Let me know in the comments!

All pictures brought with permission from Brothers Brick.

Are these LEGO MECHs Marvel(lous)?

I once stated that there should be Christmas MECHs for all! It seems that LEGO has jumped at the opportunity as the new wave of LEGO Marvel sets includes a bunch of MECH suits. AFOLs worldwide now has to decide if these LEGO Marvel sets are Marvel-lous or a Mech-anical Mess! Let’s take a look!

76141 – LEGO Avengers Thanos MECH

First up is Thanos. Why this guy would ever need a MECH is beyond me. Particularly when he’s already got all the infinity stones. Another SNAP seems to be easier for him to solve his problems. However, I do like the Power Rangers feel of this one and the creative use of pieces for the glove sparks my imagination. Finally I know why those modified 1x1s has been at the PAB-wall for so long. The color scheme is great too – dark blue and gold is just beautiful! Oh, and with a few modifications I’m sure this would be a wonderful Christmas MECH!

76140 LEGO Avengers Iron Man MECH

I thought Iron Man was always a MECH to some extent!? Putting a suited Tony in a MECH seems… redundant? Oh well, I guess it was the same with the HULK buster. This one looks a little more Toy’esque than the Thanos MECH I think and the shooter on the shoulder underlines that quite a bit. The big plate-feet and the fact that the chest looks like one big molded piece makes me a little uneasy. Even though the color scheme lends well to Christmas MECHs, this one is not on my wish list for 2020.

76146 LEGO Spider-Man Spider-Man MECH

I know that the new Spider-Man movies portray Spider-Man as more of a gear-head than previous entries. But, a Spider-Man MECH seems a little off-character for me. Spider-Man swings in his web – fast, silently and witty. I feel that a lumbering giant like this would hold our favorite mutant back. However, replacing the blue with green and Spidey with an elf, you’ve got monster of a present-wrapping machine! Great for Christmas!

All in all I like the fact that LEGO has turned to MECHs even more. We’ve seen some beautiful ones in the Ninjago and Marvel line-up previously so we know they can churn out some good stuff on that front. To be honest, I’m not too much into Marvel and most of the Marvel LEGO sets would generally be a pass for me. However, judging by the photos I’d say that the Thanos MECH would be interesting at the right price.

All pictures brought with permission from Brothers Brick.

Top 6 most wanted LEGO sets of 2020

The 2020 winter wave of LEGO sets has been announced officially and I take a look at six great LEGO sets that I’ll definitely want for my collection. Making top lists are always popular and I’ll be curious to know what your priorities are for the coming year – let me know in the comments! The list is ordered and we begin with the fifth and end with the top!

6. 60249 LEGO City Street Sweeper

First up (or sixth up!?) is the small street sweeper. Street sweepers has been a mainstay of the LEGO line-up for years and I still have my classic one from the early 90s. These are the main reason for this set coming it at fifth place. However, any AFOL city builder knows that LEGO cities are the home of dust and those street-plates or tiles need sweeping. This, and the fact that there’s some originality to the way the brushes has been made puts this set on my must-buy list!

5. 60267 LEGO City Safari Off-roader

On fifth place we find a set that sends me right back to the 1990s. The 6672 LEGO Safari Off-Road Vehicle from 1990 was something that caught my eye back then. Having missed that one by about 25-30 years, I’m happy to get a modern day equivalent. The lion and the tree-camouflage are interesting pieces and I can’t wait to build the Jeep/Landrover too! I do miss the monkey from the 6672 though.

4. 31104 Creator 3-in-1 Monster Burger Truck

Putting a Buger Monster Truck on fourth place almost seems sacrilege. It’s one of the most creative vehicles to come out of the Creator 3-in-1 theme in my opinion and I’d love to see more like it. The mix of “that’s unlikely” and “I’ve gotta laugh” that hits you when seeing this definitely puts it in the top three for me!

3. 60253 LEGO City Ice Cream Truck

I loved the 60150 Pizza Van from 2017 and anything like it is destined to go in my collection. This one will look great standing beside the Pizza Van in a food market or at your LEGO stadium. Unfortunately, my LEGO city – Bakersville, doesn’t have room for a stadium, but the fact that there’s a sunglass-wearing ice-cream on top of a van has got to count for something! This is definitely a third place for me and something I’m sure to buy!

2. 31105 Creator 3-in-1 Townhouse Toy Store

I am a city builder at heart. Ever since I played Sim City for the first time, I knew it! This set speaks to that part of me. I can add another great building to my city (when I get more room – naturally). The color scheme is great – azyre, dark blue and brown work very well together. The small tower and the balcony gives the whole set an old-Europe ambience that is just great! Wonderful set and a clear second place for me!

1. 10270 Creator Expert Bookshop

Yeah, I pretty much had to do it. Even though this list was actually made before the reveal of the 2020 modular (a big mistake on my part), I had to put it on number one! It’s just great! Beautiful colors, beautiful design and I just loooooove the core subject! A bookshop is right up my alley!

What are your thoughts on these sets and what is your must-buy sets in January?

All pictures brought with permission from Brothers Brick.

Top 7 LEGO Thrifting Tips

I share seven tips for finding cheap LEGO in thrift stores and flea markets. Cheap LEGO can be hard to come by and finding LEGO second hand can be a great way to save money. It’s not easy to find LEGO in charity stores etc. which is why I share these top 7 LEGO Thrifting Tips.

Thank you for watching!