LEGO City update #7 – Park Tree

LEGO City Update. In this video I update my LEGO City – Bakersville – with a new tree and park. A Park Tree! It’s a great custom LEGO addition to my LEGO city and I really enjoy building my LEGO city in this way. I talk about how I built the tree and customized it from an existing LEGO creation. Watch this video if you want to see how I made a cool LEGO Park Tree for my LEGO city!

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LEGO MOC: juice bar

LEGO MOC: juice bar – is a custom LEGO creation that I’ve made for my lego city. It’s a juice bar with a full custom LEGO interior and a unique custom LEGO exterior. I’m pretty pleased with the look of this one and I liked using some of the citrusy colors! in this video I give a full overview of my own Lego creation!

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What to do while you wait for Christmas!

Tonight is Christmas eve! In Denmark we are lucky enough to have the festivities in the evening of the 24th. And the presents are shared in the evening of the 24th as well. In many other countries they get their presents on the 25th in the morning. No matter when you get your presents it always feels like it’s an eternity before Christmas eve is finally here. So, if you got some time to pass, you can go through all the Brick Bakery Christmas MOCs! It’s a great way to get in the Christmas spirit 🙂

LEGO MOC: The Night Before Christmas [Christmas LEGO]

The night before Christmas LEGO MOC is a small habitat-styles custom LEGO build that is a part of a BrickTubers Network Collaboration. It’s a small LEGO minifigure habitat that depicts part of the classic Christmas Poem: The Night Before Christmas. I’ve really enjoyed building the Christmas tree and the fireplace was fun to do too. I hope you’ll enjoy this little LEGO Christmas build!

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LEGO MOC – Santa’s Workshop [Christmas LEGO]

Santa’s Workshop made in LEGO! This is my newest Christmas LEGO MOC and it’s all about Santa’s present-making workshop in Greenland. In this video I give an overview of this Christmas LEGO MOC and show you how details can bring your custom LEGO creations to life. I also talk about some of the LEGO building techniques I’ve used to make this. So, if you like Christmas and LEGO – this video is for you!

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LEGO MOC: Snowy Cabin [Christmas LEGO]

My newest LEGO MOC is a Snowy Cabin. It’s a Christmas-related MOC that I’ve really been looking forward to building. Exploring LEGO landscapes and trying to figure out how to build LEGO snow dunes etc. was fun and hard too. In this video I give you a full overview of this Snowy LEGO Cabin and asks who may live in the cabin. Let me know what you think!

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This Santa MECH is a custom creation I made from LEGO. It’s a LEGO MECH inspired by such things ans Metal Gear Solid and LEGO Bionicle. It’s a small LEGO MECH for Santa to deliver presents at high speeds and precision. This LEGO MECH puts the ho ho ho back into Christmas. In this video I present my latest LEGO creation – a LEGO MECH for Santa.

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LEGO MOC – Halloween Haunted Tree [BTN Halloween Special]

LEGO MOC Halloween Haunted Tree is a custom LEGO creation that I made myself. It’s a spooky haunted tree that will fit well with upcoming halloween event. Building trees in LEGO is not an easy task. Making something look natural and dynamic with the little squre bricks is a difficult task. In this video I go over the ins and outs of my Halloween LEGO MOC and show you all the details and techniques I’ve used.

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LEGO MOC – Pirate Island Watchtower and Prison

LEGO MOC – Pirate Island Watchtower and Prison is me latest attempt at making my own creation of something fitting for the LEGO Pirates Theme. It’s a small MOC based on some of the iconic LEGO Pirate sets of the 1990s. I’ve really enjoyed coming up with this and hope to make more MOCs in the same style. A MOC is a great way to make something of your own and I really enjoy making custom LEGO creations. If nothing else, it’s homemade!

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LEGO MOC: [LEGO car] Black Government Vehicle

This LEGO car is my own creation. It’s a take on the classic idea of the “black government vehicle” that’s very popular in certain types of movies and tv-series. The video also contains the story of the two minifig Agents Black and Grey who are on the hunt for a cookie-stealing criminal. In this video I give you a full overview of this custom LEGO MOC and I hope you like my homemade LEGO creation.

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