Klodsfest 2019 – LEGO Event

Klodsfest 2019 is a Danish LEGO event that I went to! I got a chance to watch a lot of great LEGO MOCs and LEGO displays! There’s all kinds of themes – space, castles, city and more! I really enjoyed watching everything and I got to talk with a few of the builders! So, take a look at this little report from LEGO Klodsfest 2019!

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LEGOLAND by sunset – Snapshots

overnight. That was quite an experience in itself. In the evening I took a walk in the LEGOLAND park and took some pictures of the LEGOLAND minicity in the sunset. So follow me on this LEGOLAND walk as I show you a series of snapshots of LEGOLAND by sunset!

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Iceland Photo Journey

I went to Iceland this summer and I brought a LEGO minifigure. The video documents my trip around the wonderful Iceland island from a minifigure perspective. There are pictures from several places around Iceland: Seljalandsfoss, Stjórnafoss, Reykjavik etc. I am just an amateur photographer and I have to admit it is very difficult to take a photo of something as small as a minifig while trying to capture something as grand as Iceland. However, I hope you enjoy this little photo journey of Iceland.

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