Mailtime no. 12 – This fig has gone Rogue!

Mailtime no. 12 is where I get another fig from a great youtober and a wonderful magazine from the Danish LEGO User Group – Byggepladen. It’s always nice to get mail from other LEGO youtubers and it’s so cozy to get more sigfigs for my collection. I really like the sense of life it adds to my LEGO city. Please join me as we open some mail in this Mailtime video!

Rogue Transformations channel:…

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Talking with: GJBricks

Today I’m talking with Greg from GJBricks who is a LEGO youtuber from Sydney, Australia. The GJBricks channel focus mainly on set reviews and his LEGO city that he recently re-did entirely. In this interview with Bevins Bricks we talk about what got us into LEGO and what the goals for his youtube channel is. Please join us in this interview where I’m talking with Greg about things made from our favorite brick based toy – LEGO!

GJBricks channel here:

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