Let’s Build: LEGO 6527 Tipper Truck [Review]

LEGO 6527 Tipper truck is a great little LEGO construction vehicle from the 1990s. It’s yellow look makes it a LEGO construction classic and the included minifig underlines the age of the LEGO set. This LEGO set is part of the LEGO Town theme that was one of the longest running LEGO themes. This small LEGO set is one of those that people call pocket-money LEGO sets due to it’s relative low cost. In this video I build and review the LEGO 6527 Tipper Truck which is a great LEGO construction set made from bricks.

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LIVE LEGO BUILD: 60220 Garbage Truck

Today I build and review the LEGO 60220 Garbage Truck. It’s the first time I’ll be building a 4+ LEGO set and I’m really looking forward to seeing what it’s all about. This LEGO Garbage Truck is a set I fell in love with instantly – it has a great color scheme and the design is pretty cool I think! This little truck will make a great addition to my LEGO city I think and I’m really looking forward to building it! So, join me as we take out the garbage with this LEGO Garbage truck!

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Let’s Build: LEGO 4546 Road and Rail Maintenance [Review]

In this video I review LEGO 4546 Road and Rail Maintenance which is a LEGO set from the 1990s in the LEGO Train theme. The LEGO vehicle is from the 9 volt LEGO Traon era that ran from 1991 and was discontinued in 2007. In this video you’ll see a speed build of this LEGO train vehicle followed by a LEGO set review! Enjoy this video review about a set from my favorite brick based toy – LEGO!

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Let’s Build: LEGO 1656 Evacuation Team [Review]

Today we build a 1990s LEGO set – the 1656 Evacuation Team. It’s a cool set with a couple of fire engines and a small tractor. It’s an alternative take on fire LEGO sets I think, as there is actually no classic fire engines in the set. However, there is a pretty neat LEGO truck in the set and some nice additional builds too. So, have a look as we build an Evacuation Team from our favorite brick based toy – LEGO!

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Let’s Build: LEGO 6670 Rescue Rig [Review]

The LEGO 6670 Rescue Rig is an awesome 90’s set from 1993. This is a very nice set and maybe one of the earliest examples of a 5 wide vehicles from LEGO. And it’s one of the first set I had with a cool minifig with sunglasses. LEGO does have a lot of vehicles and some of them needs towing once in a while. Therefore this Rescue Rig is an ideal vehicle to get some control over the parking situation in your bustling LEGO city. There were very few pieces missing from this set, so I only had to replace one! To find out which one, you’ll have to watch the video 🙂

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Let’s Build: LEGO 1952 Dairy Truck [Review]

Today we build the 1952 Dairy Truck. The 1952 Dairy Truck LEGO set is a rare promotional release from 1989. The set was released with stickers from the dairy giant MD Foods. The dairy has since changed its name to Arla. The MD Foods name holds a special kind of nostalgia for most Danes growing up in the late 1980’s and 1990’s. This LEGO set is also from a period where LEGO still allowed stickers to be placed across multiple bricks. This probably means that undamaged stickers are probably hard to come by, which makes some of the content in this video all the more amazing! Are you intrigued? If you like LEGO classiscs, the early 1990’s and trucks, this video is for you!

Please excuse the tilted camera – this is apparently my first disaster video 😀

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