LEGO City Update – Cargo Train Terminal

In this LEGO City Update I’m starting work on a cargo train terminal. I’ll show you the process of building and what LEGO bricks I’m using. I’ll also be talking about my inspiration for this LEGO cargo train terminal and some of the challenges in the build.


Let’s Build: LEGO 4546 Road and Rail Maintenance [Review]

In this video I review LEGO 4546 Road and Rail Maintenance which is a LEGO set from the 1990s in the LEGO Train theme. The LEGO vehicle is from the 9 volt LEGO Traon era that ran from 1991 and was discontinued in 2007. In this video you’ll see a speed build of this LEGO train vehicle followed by a LEGO set review! Enjoy this video review about a set from my favorite brick based toy – LEGO!

Thank you for watching!