Overanalyzing 31097 Townhouse Pet Shop and Café

You see this LEGO set and you are probably thinking: “Hey, that’s a nice Townhouse Café and Pet Shop”, right? WRONG! It’s actually an intricate map of a super-intelligent mind-controlling computer!

Look at those red ladder-things on the side! They clearly look like the cooler unit in a computer. But that’s just the first clue! The cup on the side has two shades – blue and what else is blue and white? The Finnish flag! And what computer company comes from Finland? Nokia – their company logo is ALSO blue and white! BOOOOOM!

So now we have two clues – the colors of a computer and cell-phone giant and some computer radiators. And you’d think that there’s no more clues. But there is. Oh yes, there is!

Look at the tree and the sign above the pet shop. What do you see? Two birds? Excellent! Where do we know birds from? The Twitter logo! And how many tweets would it take if you had to write one symbol for every brick in this set? 3,417 – which is almost exactly (but not really) Pi. And how many sevenths does it take to make Pi? 22! Which is precisely the amount of 1×4 Dark Azure Bricks times two, that’s in this set. And what is another name for Azure? BLUE!!!! AND BOOOOOOOOOOM! We are back to the blue and white in the Nokia logo!

There is no denying it! There are plans for a giant, building sized, mind-controlling super-computer in this LEGO set!

Or am I overanalyzing?

LIVE LEGO BUILD: LEGO 31097 Townhouse Pet Shop and Café

LEGO 31096 Townhouse Pet shop and Café is a LEGO set in the LEGO 3-in-1 creator theme. It’s three things in one – a townhouse, pet shop and café! It’s got different interesting play features including a neat hotdog stand. Today I’ll be building the LEGO townhouse and I’m looking very much forward to it! It’s got some awesome minifigs and a very nice cup build too! Join me as I build this LEGO Townhouse Pet shop and Café in this LEGO Livestream!

Thanks for watching!