Overanalyzing LEGO 31078 Treehouse Treasures

This is a secret code that puts you on the track of a secret society of spidermen!

It seems like a cute little nostalgic set but in reality it’s a tower that celebrates a secret society of spidermen!

Did you ever wonder why there’s a small spider in this set and why it’s near the water? Everyone knows that spiders don’t live near the water – at all. They hate it. In fact, I once heard a spider say: “I really hate water”, and that should be proof enough. So why is the spider near the water and not near the tree? Well, if you count there’s exactly – like EXACTLY; two – TWO: studs from the spider to the edge of the water. Everyone knows that B is the second letter of the alphabet and that 2 is the second number in the row of numbers! Bam-bam-baaaaaaaa!

But it gets weirder! Everyone knows that Emo Peter Parker was in the THIRD Sam Rami Spiderman film. And what number comes after two? BOOOOOM: it’s 3! This is the first evidence that this set is really a celebration of a secret spidermen society!

Not convinced? Look at the red X on the front of the model. You see a red X leading to a treasure – yes? WRONG! This X has four – FOUR – points pointing to every corner of the world! And what lives in the world? BOOOOOM: Spiders!

I’m sure you can find even more evidence. But, who needs it – it’s clear! There’s a secret society of spidermen ruling the world!

Or maybe I’m just overanalyzing?

Check the live build of this set here!