Beyond the Brick Interview

Beyond the Brick interview that I made at the Skærbæk Fan Weekend in 2019. It was an honor to meet Joshua Hanlon and John Hanlon and an even bigger honor to have them participate in this interview. It is always interesting talking to other LEGO youtubers and hear a bit about their story. In this case, Beyond the Brick is quite spectacular. I hope you’ll enjoy this interview with those guys!

Beyond the brick:…

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LEGO Microscale City – Micropolis by Caz Mockett aka BlockheadUK

LEGO Microscale City – Micropolis is a wonderful micro build by Caz Mockett aka BlockheadUK. It’s a microscale LEGO city consisting of 15 microscale modules that Caz has made by herself. The Microscale is a very specific type of scale that allows builders to combine their work with no difficulties. In this video I interview this wonderful LEGO builder about her work with micro scale LEGO. Please join us for a nice chat from the Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2019!

Caz Mocketts

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