LEGO haul no. 5 – 1970s and 1980s LEGO

Today we take at the best LEGO Haul I ever did! A huge LEGO haul from a thrift store filled with 1970s and 1980s LEGO. In the big cardboard box I bought there was some very interesting bricks from the 1970’s and 1980’s. There are plenty of nostalgia bricks! However, firstly I had to clean the LEGO bricks as they were very dirty. However, I found an easy trick to sort the bricks – pour them all on a big sheet of plastic. After looking through the box I found pirate LEGO, castle LEGO, an airport and several small LEGO vehicles. I was the most epic LEGO deal I ever did!

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LEGO haul no. 4

Today we take a look at another haul of used LEGO! Is it a bag filled with wonder or is it a bag full of random? We’ll have to see! Used LEGO is always a bit of a gamble I think. You never know what you are getting until you sit down and have a real look through it. In this episode we are having a look at a big bag of LEGO that I bought used. It’s not always I find LEGO through thrifting. Sometimes I buy used bags of LEGO as I am both trying to find spare parts and maybe finding enough bricks to start MOC’ing. If you like mystery and looking through bags of LEGO, this is for you 🙂

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LEGO Haul no. 3

Today we take a look at second hand LEGO in a mysterious blue box of used LEGO I found at a thrift store – it’s thrift store LEGO! Thrifting is the closest thing you come to hunting for treasure, I think. And finding a big box of LEGO like this is almost as good as finding gold. The detective work involved in trying to figure out where all the bricks are from is a fun hobby. I really like digging through a big pile like this. Buying random bricks like this might seem odd, but beside the fun in the hunt and the detective work, I’m trying to build up a base of LEGO bricks if I ever decide to start MOC’ing. MOC’s are great! If you like treasure hunting, LEGO hauls and like to channel your inner Holmes, this video is for you!

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LEGO Haul no. 2

Today we take another look at a bunch of LEGO I found at some thrift stores. There is a Harry Potter board game to check out and another mystery bag og LEGO as well. Finding LEGO in thrift stores was something I had thought would have been almost impossible. However, it seems that luck was with me this time as I got a real good offer! What will we find in todays mystery-bag – Star Wars? Technics? Creator sets? Maybe something even more obscure! 😀 If you like looking into piles of LEGO for treasures, looking at half-sets and trying to figure out what is what, this episode is for you!

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LEGO Haul no. 1

We take a look at a haul of LEGO I found at a couple of thrift stores.

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