Let’s MOC: LEGO Space Mars Rover

This LEGO MOC is a Mars Rover. It’s a custom LEGO creation that is inspired by the real Mars Rovers that NASA has landed on the surface of Mars. This custom LEGO build is probably the first LEGO creation that I’ve made that is not in minifigure scale. However, it was a lot of fun to make this LEGO space rover MOC and I hope you like it too. Join me as I show you my newest LEGO creation! (PS: The little drone-thing is borrowed from the 60226 Mars Research Shuttle).

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Let’s Build: LEGO 60225 Rover Testing Drive [Review]

The LEGO 60225 Rover Testing Drive is the second smallest set in the 2019 Space Exploration theme. It’s a LEGO space set with a LEGO Mars Rover that has some interesting functionalities. In this LEGO set review I go through all the ins and outs of this set and also talk about the cool LEGO astronaut minifigure. Join me as I build and review a Space Set from my favorite brick based toy – LEGO.

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