LEGO City Update #40 – Ninjago Roofs

LEGO City Update #40 – Ninjago Roofs. In this LEGO City Update, I show you how I continue work on the LEGO Ninjago City District in Bakersville – My LEGO City. There’s a lot of great possibilities for differentiation in the LEGO Ninjago style and I can’t wait to continue work on this part of the LEGO City. If you want some tips on how to build a LEGO city or maybe have some tips for me, this video is made for you!

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LEGO City Update #32 – Details

LEGO City Update #32 – Details! In this LEGO City Update I’m adding some details to a LEGO building in my LEGO city. This should be the last time that I work on this particular LEGO building for a while. I hope you’ll enjoy some of the insights into my LEGO building process and my LEGO techniques.

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