Mailtime no. 12 – This fig has gone Rogue!

Mailtime no. 12 is where I get another fig from a great youtober and a wonderful magazine from the Danish LEGO User Group – Byggepladen. It’s always nice to get mail from other LEGO youtubers and it’s so cozy to get more sigfigs for my collection. I really like the sense of life it adds to my LEGO city. Please join me as we open some mail in this Mailtime video!

Rogue Transformations channel:…

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Talking with: Rogue Transformations

In this interview I’m talking with instruction creator extraordinaire Rogue Transformations. I’ve been following RTs work for quite some time and I really like what he does. In this video interview we talk about all things space LEGO and also about RTs upcoming MEGA MOC project! It’s very interesting and I hope you enjoy it!

Rogue Transformations:…

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