LEGO MECH is my first attempt to build a MECH entirely from LEGO. It’s my first custom LEGO robot/MECH creation and I’ve really been looking forward to show you folks. This LEGO MECH MOC is made primarily with white and sand green pieces and includes some of my first attempts to use any kind of technic LEGO to build a MOC. In this video I give you the full overview and story related to the MECH! I hope you’ll enjoy this LEGO MOC!

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Let’s Build: LEGO 6889 Recon Robot – Spyrius [Review]

Today we are building the LEGO 6889 Recon Robot from the Spyrius Theme! It’s a cool little LEGO Robot with a lot of great functionalities and some great printed bricks as well! This LEGO set is from 1994 and consists of 129 bricks and one minifigure. Have a look as we build this 1990s LEGO space classic from out favorite brick based toy!

NOTE: I’ve come to realize that I actually have one more set in the Spyrius series. I’ll be presenting it later on!

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