Let’s Build: LEGO 6510 Mud Runner [Review]

LEGO 6510 Mud Runner Review. The LEGO 6510 Mud Runner is a LEGO race car from 1991. It has 25 parts and one LEGO minifig. It’s one of many LEGO race cars that’s been launched by LEGO over the years. However, this one is great because of the great print and the interesting use of LEGO pieces. In this video I give you my review of this LEGO set!

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LIVE LEGO BUILD: 75884 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback

In today’s livestream we build the 75884 1968 For Mustang Fastback. It’s a set from the LEGO speed championships theme. The LEGO Ford Mustang was a set I bought some time ago at 35% off – great deal! It’s a very cool LEGO Race car I think! The indluded minifigure is also very cool and I really like his print! I hope you guys are ready with your comments and questions so we’ll have some fun on this live broadcast. Join me in this livestream where I build the LEGO speed championships set, with my favorite brick based toy – LEGO!

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Let’s Build: LEGO 6381 Motor Speedway [Review]

The LEGO 6381 Motor Speedway is a late 80’s classic from 1987. It is one of the oldest sets I have and one of those I remember very vividly from my childhood. The LEGO 6381 Speedway is a wonderful LEGO race car oriented build with some interesting details. Even though it is a LEGO set that uses very few bricks, it uses them very effectively. Do you remember hessian, teak and the browns of the 1980’s? Then this video is for you!

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