LEGO Pirates Display by Brian Vestergaard and Michael Werenberg – Interview

LEGO Pirates Display by Brian Vestergaard and Michael Werenberg is a beautiful custom LEGO display with loads of LEGO pirates, LEGO pirate ships and LEGO forts. It’s a great homage to the classic LEGO pirate theme from the late 1980s and early 1990s. In this video I interview Brian and Michael about they huge custom LEGO display and talk to them about the project in general. Get your cutlass and your eyepatch you landlubber – it’s a pirates life in LEGO!

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LIVE LEGO BUILD: LEGO 31078 Treehouse Treasures

LEGO 31078 Treehouse Treasures is a LEGO set in the LEGO 3-in-1 creator theme. It’s a three things in one – a treehouse, pirate ship and a pirate skull island! It’s got different interesting play features including hidden treasures. Today I’ll be building the LEGO treehouse and I’m looking very much forward to it! It’s got some awesome minifigs and a very nice little tire swing too! Join me as I build this LEGO treehouse treasure in this LEGO Livestream!

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LEGO MOC – Pirate Island Watchtower and Prison

LEGO MOC – Pirate Island Watchtower and Prison is me latest attempt at making my own creation of something fitting for the LEGO Pirates Theme. It’s a small MOC based on some of the iconic LEGO Pirate sets of the 1990s. I’ve really enjoyed coming up with this and hope to make more MOCs in the same style. A MOC is a great way to make something of your own and I really enjoy making custom LEGO creations. If nothing else, it’s homemade!

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Let’s Build: LEGO 6278 Enchanted Island

The LEGO 6278 Enchanted Island is a wonderful LEGO pirate set from 1994. It’s one of only six LEGO islanders sets which was one of the factions in the mid-90s pirate theme. In this video I build and review this legendary LEGO set and show you all the details. Join my as we take a look at an wonderful LEGO island from a classic LEGO theme – Pirates!

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Let’s MOC: LEGO Pirates – Imperial Customs Station

The LEGO Pirates – Imperial Customs Station is a MOC (My Own Creation) that I’ve made myself. It’s highly inspired by the classic LEGO pirate sets of the 90’s. Some of the details has been copied directly from sets from the 90’s, but the overall design is my own. There is a fort and a ship full of jolly sailors (or maybe they are pirates!?). Take a look as a make a creation of my own from my favorite brick based toy – LEGO.

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