LEGO Paradisa Beach Display MOC Interview w. Cathrine Rankine at SFW 2019 (LEGO creator interview)

LEGO Paradisa Beach MOC Interview from Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2019 – a LEGO fan event. Today, I interview the talented Cathrine Rankine who made a wonderful LEGO Paradisa MOC. She gives us the full insight to her wonderful display and talks about the building process and some of the difficulties.

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Let’s Build: LEGO 6401 Seaside Cabana [Review]

LEGO 6401 Seaside Cabana is a LEGO set in the LEGO Paradisa Theme from the 1990s. It’s the first theme to introduce pink LEGO bricks and focus mainly on vacation and leisure activities. It’s a great little LEGO Beach set with three great side builds. I really like this 90s LEGO theme and think it’s definitely worth adding to a LEGO city! In this video I build and review this wonderful little LEGO set – see you at the LEGO Seaside Cabana!

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Today we build the 90’s LEGO classic the LEGO 6416 – Poolside Paradise from 1992! A wonderful restaurant for every LEGO city 😀 The 6416 Poolside Paradise is one of the classics from the 1990’s. It is one of the few LEGO buildings we got in that periode and it is a real doozie! The minfigs are really nice and the small sports car is real awesome too! If you really liked the Paradisa sets, you should check out Small Brick City who has made a couple of interesting remakes of Paradisa sets – including the poolside paradise:… So, if you like relaxing in the sun, eating at a fancy restaurant and maybe a quick cruise in your LEGO sports car, this video is for you.

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