LEGO Ninjago Building [MOC] – part 2

LEGO Ninjago Building MOC. In this video I present the progress on my most recent MOC Building for my LEGO City: New Bakersville. It’s a Ninjago inspired building which incorporates all kinds of interesting techniques and details. Maybe you can get some inspiration for your own LEGO city!


LEGO City Update #44 – Bar!

LEGO City Update #44 – Bar! in this LEGO City Update video I’m showing you how I build a bar for my custom LEGO city. I have been working on a LEGO Ninjago District in my city for some time and this new bar is part of that. I show you some tips and tricks to how I build custom LEGO interiors for LEGO buildings. I also discuss some of the suggestions that I’ve had for other parts of my LEGO city.

Thank you for watching!

LEGO City Update #43 – Comedy Club & Pizza Shop

LEGO City Update #43 – Comedy Club & Pizza Shop. In this video I show you how I build a comedy club and a pizza shop in my LEGO city. The LEGO Ninjago City District has been underway for quite a while now, and I think it’s really getting somewhere. The first floor is fast becoming the highest point in my LEGO city. I hope I can inspire you to make your own custom LEGO city and maybe give you some specific ideas too. This video is made for an adult audience.

LEGO City Update #41 – Ninjago Streetfood

LEGO City Update #41 – Ninjago Streetfood. In this video I show you how I am expanding my LEGO Ninjago City District in my LEGO City – Bakersville. My LEGO city is slowly growing and I’m happy to show you how to build a LEGO city. In this LEGO city update, I am going to be making more buildings for the lower part of my LEGO City Ninjago District. It’s a great addition to my LEGO city layout and I can’t wait to build more!

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