LEGO Haul no. 19 – Birthday

LEGO haul no. 19 is filled with my birthday swag! There’s a lot of great LEGO sets and a few non-set LEGO items as well. It’s great! Thanks to everyone who gave me presents – I’m thankful beyond belief 🙂 In this video I show you all the LEGO sets and LEGO stuff I got for my birthday and I also decorate my studio a bit at the end! Get ready for some LEGO handiwork 🙂

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LEGO Haul no. 18 – Biggest Bag Ever?

LEGO Haul number 18 is a video that contains what I think may be the biggest bag of LEGO I ever got! It’s SO big. Other than that there’s plenty of new sets and used stuff to see! I’m really pleased with this LEGO haul and got some great prices on LEGE sets! This may actually be the biggest LEGO haul I every got in used LEGO. I hope you’ll enjoy this LEGO haul unboxing!

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LEGO Haul no. 14 – Pick all the Bricks

LEGO Haul no. 14 brings you a lot of Prick a Brick cups (or PAB cups) which are my LEGO haul from LEGOland and the LEGO House. I may have gone a little overboard this time at the pick a brick wall but now I may have enough bricks for a while! In this video I also show you the new LEGO sets that I’ve got and some special minifigs too! I hope you’ll join me as I show you my most recent LEGO Haul!

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