LEGO City Update #31 – Cafe part 2

LEGO City Update #31 – Cafe part 2. In this video I show you how I add more parts of a building in my LEGO city. I go into detail on how I’m adding a 2nd and 3rd floor to my LEGO city café. I hope you can glean some tips and tricks from it.

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LEGO Great Ball Contraption BlockheadUK – Interview

LEGO Great ball contraption (GBC) by BlockheadUK. In this video I talk with Caz Mockett from BlockheadUK about her wonderful LEGO modules for the Great Ball Contraption system. In this interview she talks about how she customized some existing modules and how she overcame some of the problems with them. LEGO Great Ball Contraptions are cool and Caz has made some great modules for this LEGO contraption! Check out

BlockheadUK here:…

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LEGO Globe – Creator Interview

This LEGO Globe is on LEGO Ideas and today I’m talking with the creator: Florian. It’s an impressive build and the creator has worked hard to make the build within the guidelines of LEGO Ideas. It’s always impressive when someone creates something round from square LEGO bricks!

Find the globe here:…

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