LEGO MOC: The Night Before Christmas [Christmas LEGO]

The night before Christmas LEGO MOC is a small habitat-styles custom LEGO build that is a part of a BrickTubers Network Collaboration. It’s a small LEGO minifigure habitat that depicts part of the classic Christmas Poem: The Night Before Christmas. I’ve really enjoyed building the Christmas tree and the fireplace was fun to do too. I hope you’ll enjoy this little LEGO Christmas build!

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Mailtime no. 9 – Sigfig, Camera, Chef!

In Mailtime no. 9 I show you folks a bunch of mail that I got. In this mail video I show you a couple of LEGO letters and a package I bought online! It’s a veritable letter bonanza! Getting mail from subscribers and LEGO youtubers is always a lot of fun and I really like opening their letters and sharing it with you folks! So join me as I unpack fan mail and subscriber mail containing our favorite brick based toy – LEGO.

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LEGO Haul no. 12 – Minifig Bonanza

Minifig Bonanza is the keyword for todays LEGO Haul! I’ve been lucky enough to find more used LEGO at thrift stores and today I’m showing you my catch! There’s a lot of Ninjago, Hobbit and Chima minifigures in this haul. But there’s also plenty of used bricks for MOCs in this second hand haul. So, join me as I dig through piles and piles of my favorite brick based toy – LEGO!

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LEGO haul no. 6 – Policeman?

Today is a special LEGO haul! I have been lucky to find a whole bunch of Series 18 Minifigs and today we will open all of them. The question is: will we find a policman – you’ll have to watch to find out! Also we take a look at the LEGO Minitaur, LEGO Rameses Pyramids, a small dog and an Asylum! There is plenty of nice LEGO sets in this one and I hope you like the as much as me!

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