Let’s Build: LEGO 1952 Dairy Truck [Review]

Today we build the 1952 Dairy Truck. The 1952 Dairy Truck LEGO set is a rare promotional release from 1989. The set was released with stickers from the dairy giant MD Foods. The dairy has since changed its name to Arla. The MD Foods name holds a special kind of nostalgia for most Danes growing up in the late 1980’s and 1990’s. This LEGO set is also from a period where LEGO still allowed stickers to be placed across multiple bricks. This probably means that undamaged stickers are probably hard to come by, which makes some of the content in this video all the more amazing! Are you intrigued? If you like LEGO classiscs, the early 1990’s and trucks, this video is for you!

Please excuse the tilted camera – this is apparently my first disaster video 😀

Thank you for watching!