Mailtime: Bricklink or LEGO Order?

In this video I’m showing you some stuff that I got from Bricklink! I also talk about LEGO’s acquisition of Bricklink which came as quite a surprise for most in the LEGO community. I also talk about my sigfigs and how I am now ready to get some more trades done.

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Mailtime no. 13 – Ingrid Wins

I’ve received some mail from a wonderful subscriber – Ingrid Winn! She has been kind enough to send me a big package with all kinds of fun stuff! It’s full of surprises and maybe even some LEGO!? Who knows 😀 In this video I open the big package and try to figure out what’s inside. Hope you’ll join me in this LEGO mail-time video!

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Mailtime no. 4 – Sticker Crazy

Today, I’ve received some mail subscriber Carriage of no Return. It’s always great to get mail and in todays letter there is some stickers that I have been crazy for! Carriage of no Return has been a supporter of my channel for quite some time and he has commented on several of my videos. I’m happy to recieve mail from him and will return the favour! Be sure to watch this video to see what other brick-toy enthusiasts have sent me!

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