Let’s Leaf Through: LEGO 2010 Catalog

LEGO 2010 Catalog is a journey almost ten years into the past. 2010 was a year where I was well into my dark ages and I don’t know much about LEGO sets from that period. However, I really liked leafing through this old LEGO catalog as there’s a lot of great sets and dioramas for inspiration. In 2010 LEGO the LEGO Atlantis series was on the front page and it’s a very interesting LEGO theme to be sure. In this video I flip through the 2010 LEGO Catalog. Join me in exploring this old toy catalog filled with my favorite brick based toy – LEGO!

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Let’s Leaf Through: LEGO catalog 2009

The LEGO catalog from 2009 is a catalog that I’ve never looked through before. In this video I flip through this LEGO catalog with LEGO toys from a year when I was well inside my dark ages. There’s plenty of LEGO sets that I have never seen before in this catalog and maybe you’ll see some you’ve never seen before too! So take a trip down memory lane as we leaf through the 2009 LEGO Catalog!

PS: Can you guess how many times I say “cool” in this video?

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Let’s Leaf Through: LEGO 2007 Catalog

In todays video we take a look at the 2007 LEGO Catalog. It’s a catalog from a year where I was deep in my dark period so it’s filled with cool LEGO stuff that I’ve never seen before. I’ll give you an in-depth overview of the LEGO 2007 Catalog so you can get a sense of what was in, in 2007. So join me as we take a trip down memory lane and check out another LEGO Catalog.

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Let’s Leaf Through: 1998 LEGO catalog

The 1998 LEGO Catalog is a great way to take a time travel back to the late 1990s to see what was new in LEGO back then. This LEGO catalog includes some of the extreme themes of the 1990s including: X-treme, R.E.S.Q. and the wonderful Adventureres theme! It’s a cool toy catalog and I’ve always enjoyed leafing through these! So join me, as we have a look inside the 1998 LEGO Catalog!

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Let’s Leaf Through: 1996 Lego Catalog

Today we take a look at the 1996 LEGO Catalog. The LEGO Catalogs are a great way to remember the LEGO sets of yesteryear! I find a lot of inspiration in these catalogs and they make me want to know more about the sets that are in there. In this catalog I’m really exited about the Aquazone and the Time Cruiser LEGO sets. They are really awesome!

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