Are these LEGO MECHs Marvel(lous)?

I once stated that there should be Christmas MECHs for all! It seems that LEGO has jumped at the opportunity as the new wave of LEGO Marvel sets includes a bunch of MECH suits. AFOLs worldwide now has to decide if these LEGO Marvel sets are Marvel-lous or a Mech-anical Mess! Let’s take a look!

76141 – LEGO Avengers Thanos MECH

First up is Thanos. Why this guy would ever need a MECH is beyond me. Particularly when he’s already got all the infinity stones. Another SNAP seems to be easier for him to solve his problems. However, I do like the Power Rangers feel of this one and the creative use of pieces for the glove sparks my imagination. Finally I know why those modified 1x1s has been at the PAB-wall for so long. The color scheme is great too – dark blue and gold is just beautiful! Oh, and with a few modifications I’m sure this would be a wonderful Christmas MECH!

76140 LEGO Avengers Iron Man MECH

I thought Iron Man was always a MECH to some extent!? Putting a suited Tony in a MECH seems… redundant? Oh well, I guess it was the same with the HULK buster. This one looks a little more Toy’esque than the Thanos MECH I think and the shooter on the shoulder underlines that quite a bit. The big plate-feet and the fact that the chest looks like one big molded piece makes me a little uneasy. Even though the color scheme lends well to Christmas MECHs, this one is not on my wish list for 2020.

76146 LEGO Spider-Man Spider-Man MECH

I know that the new Spider-Man movies portray Spider-Man as more of a gear-head than previous entries. But, a Spider-Man MECH seems a little off-character for me. Spider-Man swings in his web – fast, silently and witty. I feel that a lumbering giant like this would hold our favorite mutant back. However, replacing the blue with green and Spidey with an elf, you’ve got monster of a present-wrapping machine! Great for Christmas!

All in all I like the fact that LEGO has turned to MECHs even more. We’ve seen some beautiful ones in the Ninjago and Marvel line-up previously so we know they can churn out some good stuff on that front. To be honest, I’m not too much into Marvel and most of the Marvel LEGO sets would generally be a pass for me. However, judging by the photos I’d say that the Thanos MECH would be interesting at the right price.

All pictures brought with permission from Brothers Brick.