LEGO Paradisa Beach Display MOC Interview w. Cathrine Rankine at SFW 2019 (LEGO creator interview)

LEGO Paradisa Beach MOC Interview from Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2019 – a LEGO fan event. Today, I interview the talented Cathrine Rankine who made a wonderful LEGO Paradisa MOC. She gives us the full insight to her wonderful display and talks about the building process and some of the difficulties.

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Talking with: Legolamaniac [interview]

Interview with LEGO YouTuber LEGOLAMANIAC! In this video I talk with LEGOLAMANIAC who is a fleeow LEGO youtuber. He has done great stuff on his channel and is a great builder. I really love his puzzle boxes and his style of presentation is perfect! In this video we talk about all things LEGO and I try to get to know LEGOLAMANIAC a little better!


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Top 5 most viewed LEGO videos of 2019

When the end of the year comes around, it’s always interesting to see what was the most popular in the last 365 days. If you want to see what is the best of the best – as decided by views – I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 most watched LEGO videos on the Brick Bakery youtube channel! Enjoy!

5. LEGO City Update #4 – MOCs Galore!

At 922 views over the last 365 days we find the fourth update from Bakersville. Naturally, city updates are always popular and I would expect those to be very popular… but I hadn’t expected what follows!

4. LEGO city update #5 – Progress!

The fifth city update clocks in at 960 views. I’m amazed that these City Updates has generally done so well. I wonder if there’ll be any more City Updates on this list!

3. LEGO Twin Towers by Rob Gubbe – Interview

At 1,018 views, this is the first video to reach more than a thousand views within a month on Brick Bakery. It was released on November 28th 2019 and I’m using the stats of December 23rd 2019 to make this list. The creator did really well on his build and I’m lucky to have been there to document it!

2. LEGO City update #6 – Raise it up!

At second place and 1,235 views we find yet another city update! Yet again I’m amazed how well these do! This is the latest update from Bakersville and if you want more, you can look forward to January 2020 where I’ll be releasing another city update – stay tuned!

1. Coraline LEGO – Pink Palace Apartments – Creator Interview

On first place we find the video that has done the best since it was released in January 2019. At an impressive 1,345 views in just under 12 months, I’m really impressed. Holly did great on her Pink Palace Apartments and it’s a wonderful interview in my opinion!

That finishes this look at the top five most viewed videos on Brick Bakery in 2019. Data for this was taken from the YouTube analytics function on December 25th and view totals are from December 23rd.