How to build LEGO roads [Tutorial no. 3]

How to build LEGO roads is something I cover in this video. This LEGO Tutorial (no. 3) gives tips and tricks on how to make custom LEGO Roadplates. Roadplates are an important part of LEGO cities and when you want to design you LEGO city, you want to make a decision on how the LEGO roads will be. The custom LEGO roadplates I suggest in this video gives you a lot of freedom and more coherent building space. In this video I show you how to make custom LEGO roadplates. Let’s help each other plan a city from our favorit brick based toy – LEGO!

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LEGO tutorial no. 1 – MOCs and basic colors

In this LEGO tutorial I discuss how to use basic colors in your LEGO MOCs. LEGO bricks have many colors but today I want to focus on only three basic colors – red, blue and yellow. I rarely see these basic colors used extensively in MOCs and I am curious if it is possible to include them in LEGO MOCs in a meaningful way. This is my first attempt at teaching LEGO techniques and maybe the first time I’ve shared some of my ideas and philosophies on MOCs and colors. So sit back and let’s discuss how to build LEGO MOCs using some of the basic colors.

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