How to build LEGO furniture [LEGO Tutorial no. 6]

How to build LEGO furniture is something you have to ask at some point when building a LEGO city or LEGO MOC. LEGO furniture are essentianl to make LEGO MOCs look realistic. In this video I offer a tutorial for building 10 pieces of LEGO furniture. I take you through all the steps of creating custom LEGO furniture. So you’ll get a guide for building and maybe get some ideas on how to implement custom LEGO furniture in your LEGO city and LEGO MOCs.

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How to build LEGO chairs [Tutorial no. 5 – LEGO furniture]

How to build LEGO chairs is something most LEGO house builders would like to know. In this video I talk about how to make custom LEGO chairs for you LEGO world. There are many possibilities with the LEGO bricks and making LEGO custom chairs is a broad field. Getting into this can be a challenge. In this video I give you ten examples of LEGO chairs that I’ve designed myself.


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LEGO Tutorial no. 4 – Custom LEGO Doors

LEGO tutorial no 4. is all about how to make custom LEGO doors. Doors are an important part of many LEGO House MOCs and in this video I show you five different custom LEGO doors you can use in your own LEGO MOCs. These customized LEGO doors can easily replace standard LEGO doors and will add more diversity and creativity to your LEGO creation.

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