Let’s Build: LEGO 6401 Seaside Cabana [Review]

LEGO 6401 Seaside Cabana is a LEGO set in the LEGO Paradisa Theme from the 1990s. It’s the first theme to introduce pink LEGO bricks and focus mainly on vacation and leisure activities. It’s a great little LEGO Beach set with three great side builds. I really like this 90s LEGO theme and think it’s definitely worth adding to a LEGO city! In this video I build and review this wonderful little LEGO set – see you at the LEGO Seaside Cabana!

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Let’s MOC: LEGO Christmas Fireplace

The LEGO Christmas Fireplace is a small MOC (My Own Creation) I made for Christmas. It’s a small custom LEGO build that tries to capture some of the magic sourrounding Santa. The main feature of the LEGO fireplce is that it has an actual flickering light inside. So, sit back, get comfy in your chair with hot choclate and enjoy this custom LEGO Christmas Fireplace MOC made from my favorite brick based toy.

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