LEGO Great Ball Contraption BlockheadUK – Interview

LEGO Great ball contraption (GBC) by BlockheadUK. In this video I talk with Caz Mockett from BlockheadUK about her wonderful LEGO modules for the Great Ball Contraption system. In this interview she talks about how she customized some existing modules and how she overcame some of the problems with them. LEGO Great Ball Contraptions are cool and Caz has made some great modules for this LEGO contraption! Check out

BlockheadUK here:…

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LEGO Great Ball Contraption (GBC) – Tom Atkinson – Interview

LEGO Great Ball Contraption (GBC) by Tom Atkinson. In this video I speak to Tom Atkinson who is one of the orginal GBC builders. He talks about GBC in general and a bit about the three modules he brought to the SFW in 2019. It’s interesting to hear the story and equally interesting to see some great modules. So take a look at this LEGO Great Ball Contraption!

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Great Ball Contraption LEGO – Creator interview

In todays video I interview the creator of two LEGO Great Ball Contraptions (GBC). The creator is James Moody who is from the USA. One of these great ball contraptions is a binominal randomiser which I think is very cool. We talk about the wear and tear of LEGO GBCs and how he came up with the design. This interview was filmed at the Skærbæk Fan Weekend 2018 which is a yearly international LEGO event held in Denmark and is published here with the consent of the creator and the event managers.

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