LEGO city update #38 – Camera Store Interior

LEGO city update #38 – Camera Store Interior. In this video I finally get started on some of all those interiors I was lacking in my LEGO city. I’ll show you how I build a full interior for my LEGO city and how I make minifig scaled furniture!

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How to build LEGO furniture [LEGO Tutorial no. 6]

How to build LEGO furniture is something you have to ask at some point when building a LEGO city or LEGO MOC. LEGO furniture are essentianl to make LEGO MOCs look realistic. In this video I offer a tutorial for building 10 pieces of LEGO furniture. I take you through all the steps of creating custom LEGO furniture. So you’ll get a guide for building and maybe get some ideas on how to implement custom LEGO furniture in your LEGO city and LEGO MOCs.

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