What to do while you wait for Christmas!

Tonight is Christmas eve! In Denmark we are lucky enough to have the festivities in the evening of the 24th. And the presents are shared in the evening of the 24th as well. In many other countries they get their presents on the 25th in the morning. No matter when you get your presents it always feels like it’s an eternity before Christmas eve is finally here. So, if you got some time to pass, you can go through all the Brick Bakery Christmas MOCs! It’s a great way to get in the Christmas spirit 🙂


How to build LEGO roads [Tutorial no. 3]

How to build LEGO roads is something I cover in this video. This LEGO Tutorial (no. 3) gives tips and tricks on how to make custom LEGO Roadplates. Roadplates are an important part of LEGO cities and when you want to design you LEGO city, you want to make a decision on how the LEGO roads will be. The custom LEGO roadplates I suggest in this video gives you a lot of freedom and more coherent building space. In this video I show you how to make custom LEGO roadplates. Let’s help each other plan a city from our favorit brick based toy – LEGO!

Thank you for watching!

LEGO Globe – Creator Interview

This LEGO Globe is on LEGO Ideas and today I’m talking with the creator: Florian. It’s an impressive build and the creator has worked hard to make the build within the guidelines of LEGO Ideas. It’s always impressive when someone creates something round from square LEGO bricks!

Find the globe here: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/17f1e…

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