LEGO City update #39 – Ninjago Punk

LEGO City update #39 – Ninjago Punk. In this video I show you how I build a new LEGO Ninjago District for my LEGO City – Bakresville. I go through the entire process of building a custom LEGO Ninjago City district and talk about the LEGO details and techniques.

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Let’s MOC: LEGO Fantasy Bridge

Today I’m showcasing a small LEGO Fantasy Bridge MOC. It’s a small vignette that gives a snapshot view of a story about an adventurer and her trusty horse. This small fantasy bridge was inspired by a model I saw on Black Magic Craft which is another youtube channel. It’s a creation where I tried to play around with making arches from bricks without using any arched piece. So have a look at my little brick based MOC made from my favorite toy – LEGO!

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