LIVE LEGO BUILD: 60227 Lunar Space Station

LEGO 60227 Lunar Space Station is a LEGO set in the LEGO city subtheme Mars Exploration. It’s a space station with different modular capabilities. Today I’ll be building the space station and I’m looking very much forward to it! It’s got some awesome minifigs and a very nice little sidebuild too! Join me as I build this LEGO Space Station in in this LEGO Livestream!

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Let’s Build: LEGO Review 6339 Shuttle Launch Pad [Review]

LEGO 6339 Shuttle Launch Pad is the biggest LEGO Space set in the Launch Control LEGO theme from the 1990s. It’s an impressive launch pad for a LEGO Shuttle with a LEGO crane and brick-built launch tower. It’s probably the biggest LEGO set I have from my childhood LEGO collection and I think it’s very cool! In this video I build and review the LEGO 6339 Shuttle Launch Pad! Join me for loads of brick based fun with another great LEGO set!

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Let’s Build: LEGO 6544 Shuttle Transcon 2 [Review]

LEGO 6544 Shuttle Transcon 2 is the second largest set in the LEGO Launch Command theme from the 1990s. It’s a wonderful LEGO space exploration set hat includes a LEGO plane, LEGO space shuttle and a small LEGO airplane assistance vehicle (aka LEGO jeep with lights). It’s one of the many LEGO space shuttle sets that has come out over the years, but this theme is the first to have it’s own logo. It’s a very cool LEGO set that I really enjoyed building! So join me as we take a look at a space shuttle and plane made from my favorite brick based toy – LEGO.

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