LEGO City Update #34 – Still Art Deco?

LEGO City Update #34 – Still Art Deco? In this video I continue to work on an LEGO Art Deco building in my LEGO city – Bakersville. Art Deco in LEGO is an interesting style to explore. I’m not sure I’ve hit the art deco style with this LEGO building completely, but I think it looks good in my LEGO city.

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Lego City Update #24 – Radio Station

LEGO City Update #24 – Radio Station. I’m adding a LEGO Radio Station to my LEGO city Bakersville. I’ve chosen to go for a building that’s inspired by Art Deco which I find very interesting to recreate in LEGO. I’ve never really attempted to recreate specific architectural styles in LEGO. This will be interesting I hope. I show you how I build a Radio Station from LEGO. This video is made for an adult audience.

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