LEGO City Update – LEGO Train Station [MOC] – part 3 – The Roof!

The LEGO Train Station is taking shape and in this video I’m working to get the roof done and some details too. I’ve had some great suggestions from my wonderful viewers and I’ll try to implement some of them. The LEGO city is going to be great with a station in it and I can’t wait to be done!


One thought on “LEGO City Update – LEGO Train Station [MOC] – part 3 – The Roof!

  1. Well, that definitely went well (as well as it could have gone as well)!

    As well as stating this, I thought it well to compliment your building solution – well, I had to really!

    I hope you are well, by the way?

    Seriously though, I really like what you have done with the roof which is a very nice non standard approach that rounds off the look. Good to see how the clock looks now that its firmly in place too!

    I think I would be satisfied with the overall appearance now. I did think about perhaps adding a small canopy above the doors at the back of the station on the platform but it’s not necessary and may only serve to obscure, rather than add.

    Well done! What’s next?

    As for me, well, I finally got around to getting a day off and putting together my small diorama which, after taking a few pictures, I placed into one of those Perspex cases you can buy. As I don’t post on YouTube or Twitter or Instagram anymore, here is a link to my Flickr album if you wanted to see my latest creation:

    Snapshot Diorama of a Tatooine scene

    Best wishes and I’ll see you next time on your channel!


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