LEGO City Update – LEGO Train Station [MOC] – The Tower – part 2

The LEGO train station for Bakersville is getting closer to be finished. In this video I continue work on my LEGO train station and also incorporate some of the viewer suggestions in my work. I can’t wait to get the station finished and put it in my LEGO city!

2 thoughts on “LEGO City Update – LEGO Train Station [MOC] – The Tower – part 2

  1. I am really liking the look of the station, Jakob. I think the extension on both sides was indeed a helpful idea to help it sit in a more balanced way. As for the roof, I myself might think of experimenting with alternative construction styles. The slope roof bricks are the classic choice but not the only choice. Using plates with tiles or tiny slopes on them can also be effective, like you see on some official Lego sets such as LEGO Hogwarts Clock Tower Set 75948 for example. The tops of these plates can be joined in a number of ways using hinge plates either at the top or at the bottom of each plate, depending on what works best. You might want to look at how certain sets do this by checking the instructions for them. Anyway, I wish you all the best with the project. It look such fun to do! As for me – still no closer to putting everything together yet!

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    1. Those are some great suggestions! And, you’ll see that we think very much alike in the next video 😀 I’ve found that using other bricks than the slopes actually increases the flexibility…. big surprise! 😀 What I mean is, sometimes I find myself too locked in on a certain solution to see other solutions. Using other bricks is a great example. AND, buying bricks the way that I do means that I have to get very creative sometimes. Which is very good! Thanks for your great suggestion – it’s really appreciated!

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