LEGO Train Station – LEGO City Update – Part 1 The Foundation

I’ve started building a LEGO train station for Bakersville. I’ve been heavily inspired by the LEGO 4554 Metro Station which I think looks just perfect. In this video I start building the foundation and the main building. I’d love to hear your input and experiences on building LEGO train stations!


2 thoughts on “LEGO Train Station – LEGO City Update – Part 1 The Foundation

  1. Hey Jakob! I really enjoyed watching this. I love trains and have all the motors and parts for engines and rolling stock – but I deliberately sold all my track recently because I can’t have a railway (no space) and I wanted to help a young kid get his train layout going. I really hope your station turns out to your satisfaction – it is looking great so far. I am sure that in time you will have a really fun layout! As for me, I am very slowing trundling along with Lego – a bit here and there in the midst of so many other commitments. I did post a single render of a Mandalorian Speeder bike on my Flickr page a few weeks ago and I have everything I need to put together the small diorama I have been planning since February but alas, again, no time to set it up just yet. I will see what I can do to get on with it and post a few pics to Flickr. Best wishes my friend and I will see you, next time, on your channel!

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    1. Thanks a lot JL – I really appreciate it. Yeah, time is in short supply these days. It seems that everything takes time – and more time than I expected :-S Anyway, great to hear from you and I’m really glad you are still doing a little LEGO stuff once in a while. Great to hear from you my friend 🙂

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