LEGO City Update #23 – Camera Store

LEGO City Update #23 – Camera Store. In this video I show you how I build a LEGO Camera Store for my LEGO city – Bakersville. A camera store is essential for your LEGO city as LEGO minifigs are enthusiastic photographers. Moreover, it provides a great opportunity to build a fun 3D sign in LEGO.


7 thoughts on “LEGO City Update #23 – Camera Store

  1. I think your stairs would look better in gray because as they are visually they blend in with the keyboard motif on the music store .
    I like both the camera store and your music store by the way.

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    1. Thanks a lot Brick Sloth. I think I’ll be changing the color of the front of the stairs. I agree, they do seem to blend a bit too much with everything else. Thanks a lot 🙂


  2. Hey Jakob

    Well, this is fun. I think a camera store is a cool idea. The 3D sign is rather eye catching too!

    It is sad how few genuine camera stores exist these days. Back when digital photography was not even in its infancy, there was a camera store on every High Street. I remember walking through Soho in the 1980’s, at that time it was home of the big advertising agencies and the film industry. There were more camera stores than there are Starbucks now!

    I remember there was a very senior manager at Royal Mail who never looked happy and had a face that looked like he had the world on his shoulders. After he left the organisation I remember seeing him behind Scotland Yard coming out of a camera shop. He looked years younger and far happier. On chatting with him it transpired that his father had owned the shop and that he now ran it after his father retired. I guess the lesson learned is do what makes you happy!

    Great build BB 👍👍👍

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    1. Ohh, yes, there are few camera stores indeed. For some unknown reason there’s a place here in Denmark (in a city called Vejle) where there’s actually two camera stores next to each other – literally! It’s sooo strange considering how rare they are nowadays.

      And yes, to do what you love and love what you do must be one of the most important lessons out there! There’s a saying that goes something like “Those who enjoy what they do will never work a day in their lives” – something like that.

      Great story as usual RH – thanks! 🙂


  3. Instead of cutting baseplates, don’t you have any 8×16 small baseplates? Not sure if they’d fit, but that could be a solution.

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    1. Yeah, I know – it’s almost sacrilege! Unfortunately the strip that’s missing baseplate is something like 64×5 or 64X6 studs. So, I can’t really think of a baseplate that would fit!? I have considered getting something that was off-brand when I’m cutting it anyway. They regular LEGO baseplates are a little pricey to gut like that I think. But thanks a lot for the suggestion – I really appreciate it!


  4. Hey Jakob!

    Sorry I haven’t been around to visit the Brick Bakery recently. I have been super busy working to complete my current batch of projects among everything else! I have been trying to catch up with videos I have missed and it’s not always possible before a host of new videos come out to add to the pile. But I wanted to return here since it has been so long to see what progress you have been making on your city.

    I like what you have done with the note, replacing the guitar on the music shop very much and the simplicity of the camera works too. I agree with Brick Sloth’s comment about having the stairs in another colour in order to break the two buildings up a bit more.

    I also see your dilemma with the side edge of the city that you would like to turn into a sidewalk. I don’t think I could face cutting up a large baseplate (my practical skill level would guarantee a disaster) and personally, I would try looking at putting in a couple of 8 x 32 baseplates along the edge. Yes, they would be too wide but the overhang (around 2-3 studs) would be acceptable in my book and I would have the confidence to proceed (knowing in my mind that they have perfectly straight edges to them). I could then build a nice looking pavement area on top. But it’s your call!

    Take care my friend and I hope things turn out well. RT.


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