LEGO City Update #21 – Dance Studio

LEGO City Update #21 – Dance Studio. Today I’m trying to put in a Dance Studio in my LEGO city. I had some ideas that I wanted to try out but I’m not sure it turned out as well as I had hoped. So, if you watch this video you will probably see some really good examples of how to make something that doesn’t match too well! Luckily, LEGO is easy to change and customize and I’ll give it another shot next time! Enjoy this LEGO (mis)building video.


15 thoughts on “LEGO City Update #21 – Dance Studio

  1. Hey Jakob – nice concept. I like the idea of a dance studio – that is something unusual and worth a try. I understand the present dis-satisfaction with your first attempt. That happens to me a lot. But that’s okay because we can keep tweaking! Personally, I might take a step back and reintroduce those lines you took out – the new thicker parts between the upper and lower sections don’t work for me. Then I might consider putting the top half in something like medium blue or else, Medium dark flesh which has those nice brick pieces in that colour. I really like the rounded window on one corner above the guitar. I might want to try that also on the other end, above the door to see how that looks. It’s all about trying things. Some things won’t work out so stick at it! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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    1. Thanks a lot RT! Those are some really useful suggestions. Color is definitely going to be part of the rebuild and trying to align the vertical lines from bottom to top, is also going to be part of it, I think. The medium dakr flesh (or caramel as I prefer to call it), is a great suggestion. It usually looks great with red. I’m wondering if I should do an individual upper floor for each of the two buildings. It may be easier. I can always put in a smaller Dance Studio ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I agree that the curved window on both sides would look better. Having a curved window above the main first floor door would also remove the slight over hang that doesnโ€™t look (currently) to good. Also the idea of the masonry bricks in a tan or dark tan or even dark red might work.

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  3. You have a very different design approach to mine!
    Normally I connect all the plates used for the floor with each other by using plates underneath that go along the edges and across any of the joins in the floor plates. That way the floor becomes one large piece that can support the things on that level of the build.
    The curved window on the corner looks great, but I don’t see why you need the 2 bricks of thickness at the edges, you could reduce them to 1 brick for those edges and that would give you more access to the curved window.

    I don’t like the columns at the sides of the curved window, and the different widths of the arches.
    IMHO you also have a structural problem in that the brickwork and columns on the upper floor don’t line up with the columns below. You wouldn’t normally build a building with a column of brickwork being supported by a window. That’s why it looks very disjointed.
    If, for example, you moved the first 4-wide window and arch on the left one brick to the left, the window would line up with the window below. And if you made the big arch and window 6 bricks wide instead of 8, and moved it, it could line up with the big window below it.
    Then you might need to reconsider the corner that overhangs the white door, maybe experiment with another (matching?) curved window over that corner, or moving the one you have to that corner and revisit the guitar corner.

    If you’re going to put a building next to it at the back then I think you don’t need the slope bricks and inset arches at the back.

    Quite a lot of playing left to do!


  4. It is very nice, but perhaps it might be to long and to white. The first attempt is not bad it just might need something 3D things plants to soften up the set of white. Great attempt.

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  5. Okay attempt #3

    I think that placing a curved window above the first floor door would look better. It would also eliminate the slight over hang over the first floor entrance.

    I personally like the double header above the exterior windows. I would suggest using dark red or tan to break up the white. The LBG just doesnโ€™t look right to me personally.

    I am liking the progress keep up the good work

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    1. Thanks a lot! I’ve just double checked your comments. They didn’t get removed. It’s because the wordpress system asks me to approve all commentors for their first comment. I’m guessing you’ve not commented before. Hence, the comments didn’t show. I’ve approved them now and it shouldn’t be an issue from now on. My apologies! Thanks for the great suggestions!

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  6. I think the dance studio is a great idea!! You can have the ballerina and the hip hop cmf’s having a dance off. I suggest having a curved corner on each end for symmetry. If you do something else for the top floor, there should be some alignment with the bottom floor. The windows for example and the wall above the door angled like the white door on the bottom.

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    1. Looks like I’m going to have to look for some CMFs then ๐Ÿ˜€ I agree on the alignment with the bottom floor. I’m pretty sure that’s a huge part of it ๐Ÿ™‚


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