The Big LEGOlamaniac stream interview!

I was lucky enough to get to be a guest on Legolamaniac’s awesome 24hrs Livestream! I asked him 20 questions to get to know him a little better! You can see them all here including the answers:

  1. How many cats has LLM had? Two
  2. Has LLM ever entered a competition? No
  3. Do LLM play any sports? No
  4. Does LLM read many books? Yes
  5. What is LLMs least favorite movie? The Name of the King w. Jason Statham
  6. What is LLMs favorite food? Lasagne
  7. If LLM did not have LEGO as a hobby, what would his main interest be? Video Games
  8. Has LLM ever bought a non-LEGO branded brickset like COBI, Lepin etc.? No
  9. What number pops up in LLMs life most often? 1337
  10. Does LLM believe in something supernatural? No
  11. Has LLM ever read The Lord of the Rings? Yes
  12. If LLM wrote a book, what would it be about? Science – puzzle boxes (how to build lego puzzles for dummies)
  13. Has LLM ever been outside Europe? Yes
  14. If LLM was a comic book character, which one would he want to be? Nightcrawler
  15. Does LLM eat Fårikål regularly? No
  16. How much oil has LLM stashed away for his retirement? 15 oil
  17. Can LLM pronounce “Rødgrød med fløde”? Almost – 7/10
  18. Is LLM a potterhead? Yes!
  19. Would LLM ever consider moving away from Norway? Temporarily
  20. Has LLM and Brick Bakery ever collaborated on an interview video? Yes, you can find them here:


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