LEGO City Update no. 18 – Raised Rebuild

LEGO City Update no. 18 – Raised Rebuild. In this video I show you how I build a raised section of my LEGO city. Having different levels in your LEGO city is a wonderful way to make more buildings visible. It is much easier to appreciate a LEGO city when you raise it like this. Watch this video to get a tutorial of how I build I LEGO brick scaffolding for my LEGO Modular buildings.

Thank you for watching!

10 thoughts on “LEGO City Update no. 18 – Raised Rebuild

  1. Oh the dust! I hate that problem. Put anything on display and… you have to dust it. Again. And again!!! Take down, dust, put back. Repeat.

    I do my dusting outside of the room I am displaying my Lego in so as not to just blow all the dust up in the air and have it immediately settle back down onto the builds again. Even so. It doesn’t take long for more dust to introduce itself. And what is dust? It’s our clothes and US mostly. I know I love Lego and like to be all over it, but that takes things to a whole new level. Okay, now I have covered the dust problem (literally covered), I will move on to a suggestion…

    What if…

    What if, since you enjoy your city so much, you decided to do something very radical. Space is limited against that wall. I appreciate that its designed to move the display to one side so that its ‘out of the way’. But what if (staying radical for a moment) you imagined being able to move all around the city from all sides? You would need to move the city out from the wall to do that. But as its on a table, maybe you can. Just pull it out now and again so you can take some shots at all angles. Yes, a bit of hassle. But hey (I am assuming you are a single chappie) you have a lot more freedom than us married (again, assuming you live alone). You could do this. Temporarily. For now and then, perhaps? Just a thought. I like to push the envelope. What say?

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    1. Hey RT! Well, you are a dusty fella ain’t you 😀 Yeah, I’ve got to get better tools for dusting indeed. I’ve survived on the “whipping it into the air” solution for a while – something to clean it more neatly is preferable! A dust daddy may be coming my way soonish 🙂

      The idea is indeed radical. I do like it though but I’m not sure I’ll be making such radical changes before I start doing my own modular buildings. When I do, I’ll be able to cover a more 360 degree look and we’ll see how it goes from there! Thanks a lot for the suggestion 🙂

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  2. I have a thought about your baseplates issue. Something I’ve been considering myself.

    How about replacing the baseplates with 16×16 plates?

    Removed the floppy issue, and makes it far easier to connect to the pillar section.

    And if you want to have the option to move your modulars around, why not finish the pillar section with tiles and the odd studded piece?

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    1. Ah, yes, that’s surely an idea. Unfortunately, that would mean that I’d have to buy more plates and I tend to try to use what I’ve got already (I’ve got soooooo many bricks and plates that I havn’t used). But, I like the idea and may consider it if I ever do a full reset of the city! Thanks a lot 🙂


  3. Living in the worlds tiniest flat with no floor space and walls covered in shelves I’m rather envious of your city. I have a few modulars that I’d like to build but can’t display ☹️ I’ve just built the Pirates of Barracuda Bay set and have had to display it in top of my wardrobe. It’s not ideal but at the very least, any house flies that can into the flat can get a flies eye view of it!

    Have you considered sleeping upright? That way you could use the space currently taken up by your bed!

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    1. Ha ha ha – flies eye view! Love it! I think I’m pretty privileged to have this much space at all. I haven’t got too much room for LEGO either – I’ve got some big, unbuilt sets in storage too (Ninjago City, Assebly Square to name a few).
      Sleeping upright may be a good idea. Currently I’m wondering if there may be room for a shelf above the pictures you see behind me in the video. It’ll create a weird shadow effect above the pictures but may be a good place for the modulars when I begin to build my own!?


  4. That’s how our flat is. We have floating shelves with the Lego we want to have on display, and that isn’t too wide! Then we have narrow photo frame shelves with our Minifigures and Fabuland figures on them. We made rising stands out of 4×2 black bricks so that the top figure is higher than the next row etc, a bit like a school photo. Our CMF collections are mounted on 32×32 baseplates with individual plates wedged in sideways. Then we have Velcro on the back of the baseplates holding them securely to the wall.

    When space is a premium you have do utilise what you have!

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    1. Ahh, such wonderful solutions! I find your CMF solution particularly elegant! I’m not sure I’ll be displaying my CMFs in that way, but I really like the concept. The sigfigs may have a stand like that for temporary purposes – when I have to move stuff around in the city, I like clearing it of figs and such!

      I’ve just be doing some measurements and it seems a LACK shelf from Ikea may be an option for my modulars! 😀


  5. Raising it up turned out nice my friend! Giving you more room and visual! Watched the full
    Video and it’s always a pleasure seeing you and the Bakery🧁 ! Hope all is well and we shall see each other again soon. Your pal Rocky Brick from mini BrickWorld🌎 . 😁

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    1. Thanks a lot RB! I’m really glad you liked it 🙂 It was great fun to work on this part of the city and the result ended up very satisfying I think! 🙂


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